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We have a new Minister for Consumer Affairs

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Hope that you are doing super well and looking forward to having a lovely weekend. The update today is around some changes within our own state government there have been some difficulties of late within the state government, which has led to the resignation of the minister for Consumer Affairs.

So we do have a new Minister now in place and her name is Melissa Horn or the Honorable Melissa Horn. Melissa Horn is also the member for Williamstown within Melbourne. And the other portfolio is that she will now be in charge of, let me check my notes, ports and freight and fishing and boating. So consumer fears is gaming and liquor regulation. I can see how those three things go together, can’t you? So we don’t know whether this will bring any great changes to us over the next two interim periods, of course it is new legislation that was deferred from the first of July to the 30- Sorry, to the first of January 2021. There’s been a little bit of discussion that with the new minister in place, that time frame may be amended and brought into being a little bit sooner. If that happens, we’ll absolutely keep you posted. Hope everyone has a great day and an equally good weekend, see you soon.

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