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Stovetop decals and dial markings

Having the dial markings disappear from cooktops is very common and often caused from regular cleaning. For tenants moving into a new property it can be tough for them to work out how to correctly use the appliance.

Here are some sites and ideas, which may make your search a little easier. 


This company have devised a way to put lettering directly on the appliance. They supply two sets per order – so you have a spare or in case you make a mistake. The testimonials looks great!

The brands include: Westinghouse, AEG, Miele, Blanco.


Selling via their eBay store they have replacement decals, markings and stickers for gas ring and electric cooker hot plate position indicators. Plus replacement gas oven numbers & replacement oven temperature markings and numbers. 


For SMEG appliances


This site also has universal cooker knobs and they cover a range of brands for spare parts too. 

Two other ways are:

  1. Google using a good mash-up of words like ‘Stove Cooker Oven Hob Symbols Labels Stickers’.
  2. Contact the manufacturers directly. This can be tricky as they will all ask for a model number. 



Images are examples from ovenlettering.co.uk
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