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Stage 4 restrictions – what can property managers do?

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Hello, here we are in Melbourne on Saturday, the 8th of August, 2020 with an update on stage four restrictions and what this means to real estate services. So, under rental services, what we can do, and there’s a few things, so it’s not all bad.

What we can do is we can continue to work with renters on any urgent maintenance. So, working with them on what the problem is and who we need to get out there to fix it. Those jobs can go ahead. We are continuing to work with existing renters on any non-urgent maintenance, so, logging of jobs, prioritizing, and having a tradesperson receive that work order, so that they can be ready to go when they can head out to site. We can work with clients on properties that are due to settle, so that might be a pre-settlement inspection or collection of keys, those types of activities. We can actually still undertake that. We can work with vacating renters on conducting a final inspection, working through any questions and queries, and helping them organize tradespeople, such as cleaners, to actually get that process wrapped up, get their bond signed off so that they can move on with the least possible amount of stress. We’re also able to work with renters who are just commencing a lease. If the lease has been signed, the first month’s rent paid, we can arrange to have contactless key handover, so that they can commence their tenancy, so they can move in to their new home. If we have a property becoming vacant and we have photos and we have videos for virtual inspections to be conducted, we are putting them up. We’re advertising them. We are taking applications on them and working through with everybody to look at dates, times, and all of the individual circumstances, case by case basis, obviously. What we can’t do is pretty much everything else. These restrictions are severe and they do impact to how we generally conduct property management processes, but we are keeping in touch with our renters and we are keeping in touch with our clients to make sure that if anyone has questions, we’re able to answer them. Trust everybody is doing super well. We look forward to talking to you again soon. Take care.

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