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July 2020 – Private Inspections and Leasing

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Hello, an update from Mint HQ today on leasing and property inspections. And of course today is day one of the mandatory mask wearing, which of course we are adhering to.

Not as exciting as your superhero mask, but I reckon we’re going to make it work. So, in terms of leasing, we have combination of in-person inspections, which we are still able to conduct, but definitely on a private inspection one-on-one basis and utilizing technology. So, when we’re advertising a property for lease, we are doing a full video walkthrough, so that people can get a really good feel for what they’re going to apply for. Now, if at all possible, we do like to support that with an in-person inspection. And we have the masks, the gloves, the hand sanitizer, the disinfectant, all of the good stuff that we need. We have that in place and of course we are opening cupboard doors, wardrobe doors, access doors, to make sure that that someone can view a property and they can do that with the least amount of contact to surfaces. So yes, technology is absolutely in place and we do encourage people to put in an application based on their remote viewing. But we are looking to support that with an actual viewing inspection of the property, so that people are really confident and comfortable that they are signing on for somewhere that they actually want to live and live for a longer term. So, if anyone has any questions around the process, how we’re doing things and what it means, really happy to answer any of those questions, shoot us a message. Hope everyone’s doing super well. Take care.

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