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Rent payment options for tenants

We use Macquarie bank’s DEFT payment system for rent payments. If you have any questions about DEFT, please visit the DEFT Frequently Asked Questions page.

At the start of your tenancy you will be issued with a unique DEFT payment number and a card (optional). The purpose of the card is to identify you within the DEFT Payment System only and holds no monetary value. Your unique DEFT number however, is important! 
With DEFT you have a few options to pay your rent:

1. BPAY (fee-free option)

BPAY is an easy and a fee free option to pay your rent through your bank or financial institution. To make a payment, open your bank’s online banking web site or your mobile banking app and use the following BPAY:

Biller code: 4481 [will appear as DEFT RENT]
Reference number : Your unique DEFT number

In addition to online and mobile payments, your bank or financial institution may also offer BPAY payments over the phone.

2. Credit card (subject to fees)

To pay your rent using a credit card you need to set up an online DEFT profile with Macquarie bank. For a step-by-step guide on setting up and using DEFT please see DEFT guide for payers.
Registering with DEFT will allow you to:

  • make payments from your credit card or bank account
  • schedule future dated or recurring payments
  • view payment history
  • print receipts

Alternatively, you can make one-off payments without creating a profile by visiting deft.com.au (preferred) or phone 1300 301 090 (International +61 2 8232 7395). 
Credit card payments are subject to fees. For a full information on fees and charges please visit the DEFT Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), section 5.

Disclaimer: We endeavour to maintain our links to external resources relevant and up to date however all external resources are subject change without notice. For most accurate and up to date information, please visit the Macquarie bank DEFT site directly at deft.com.au 

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