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EOFY Tax depreciation schedules for landlords

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Mint HQ here, coming to you on Friday the 12th June, 2020. And we are hurtling towards the end of financial year. I feel that June 30th will be upon us before we even realisem, so that means we want to talk tax depreciation schedules.

If you have an investment property, you will have a tax depreciation or should have a tax depreciation schedule in place. This is, of course, the general rule of thumb, so if you have questions, please speak with your accountant, seek out a registered quantity surveyor or come to us with your questions and we can certainly point you in the right direction. You are able to book and pay for any tax depreciation schedules, prior to June 30th and have the report completed soon after. But please pop that June 30 date into your to-do list so that you can follow-up and make the most of any possible deductions. Look forward to answering some questions, hope everybody is taking care and we look forward to seeing you soon.

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