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Preparing for the final inspection

Preparing for the final inspection? We know moving is super busy and the final stages of vacating can be stressful, but a little forward planning and our tips will help ensure it all goes smoothly.

  1. Double check your Lease
    In Victoria you need to provide 28 days’ notice to vacate at the end of your lease. The 28th day needs to fall on or after your lease expiry date. Until your written notice is received it is assumed you will continue to live at the property on a month to month basis.  We also recommend your notice to vacate is sent via email not via text message
  2. Find your original condition report
    As you are packing, dig out the original condition report as you will need this to ensure the property is returned in the same condition listed. Go through this to make sure you haven’t forgotten about the details.
  3. Repair any damage
    If you have accidentally damaged something, speak to your property manager in advance of the final inspection and they can assist you in getting the repairs complete to the required standard and often help with access to reliable, cost effective tradies.
  4. Cleaning the property yourself
    If you are cleaning the property yourself, you will be tired (afterall, you have just moved house!) and may miss some of the basics. We recommend you allow enough time to clean well without rushing and to revisit the property checking it before handing back the keys.
  5. End of Lease Cleaners
    We suggest you use the property managers recommended cleaners. They will understand the property managers’ expectation and ensure nothing is missed. Any follow up actions can be more easily coordinated and not delay the bond return. We also suggest booking as soon as you have given your notice – great cleaners are often booked well in advance.
  6. Avoid ‘cheap’ cleaners
    We see time and time again jobs which are sub-standard. The ‘cheap’ cleaners will often simply not complete the job such as windows, walls and external areas, leaving you to deal with any follow up when you thought you had paid for a service.If you do use one of these providers, only pay once you have checked the quality. Please do this before the cleaner leaves, to ensure everything is completed to the right standard.
  7. The lights
    Remember to check the light globes, including the kitchen exhaust and make sure globes are all in working order, replacing as needed.
  8. Exterior
    Don’t forget those out of sight / out of mind spaces like the car-park, storage cage and balcony. They need to be shown some care too.
  9. Utilities
    You will want to arrange disconnection of your water, gas and electricity. We ask that you leave the electricity on for 3 days after handing back the keys. Completing a final inspection is much faster and easier when your property manager can see. This also means if you need to pop back to finish something off, you have power to do it.
  10. Keys
    Check the keys, fobs, remotes you were given at the start of your tenancy and return all. You should have a copy of what was issued to you. If not, check with your property manager they can provide a copy.

The final inspection is usually completed within 1 or 2 business days of key return (or confirmed access to the vacant property). Please make sure you can be available to pop back if needed so there are no delays or deductions from your bond.

Mint Property Management use electronic lodgement and claims with RTBA so once the inspection is complete, if all is in order you will receive an email confirming the amount and bank details.

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