We have compiled a number of questions (and their answers) to help you better understand the change and how it may impact you. 


Gas, Electricity and Smoke Alarms safety checks

What is the authorisation process for Mint PM to move forward with a regular check?

We will be sending you an addendum to your managing authority which provides the authorisation for us to complete the mandatory checks on your behalf. This will be sent via Docusign for electronic signature.

Do Mint Property Management charge a fee for coordinating the 2 yearly checks or receive any incentive from Suppliers?

No we don't.

Do these checks need to be completed by March 29th 2021?

No. If a property is vacant we will look to have the checks completed prior to having new renters move in. This will be assessed on a per property basis and in conjunction with you.
If the checks are not completed prior to new renters moving in we will need to arrange as soon as practicable, to comply with regulations.

Can the rent be increased to cover these extra costs?

Yes, bearing in mind that rent cannot be increased while a fixed term lease is in place and increases can only be done every 12 months.
Please talk to us prior so we can look at the current market pricing, vacancy rate and costs with re-leasing and vacancy period if a stable tenancy is unable to absorb the increase.

Does the fee vary based on the number of gas appliances?

Yes. For gas appliances, if your property has only one gas appliances (example: cooktop) then we have negotiated a lower fee than properties with multiple gas appliances.

Do we have to do both tests together?

No. We will try to stagger the tests so the costs can be better spread out across a financial year. Smoke Alarms – these will continue to roll on a 12 monthly cycle. No interruption or changes.

What happens if there is an issue with an appliance during the safety checks?

It will depend on both the appliance and the issue. The safety check fee does not include repair or replacement. We will be notified if there is an issue and will discuss options with you as soon as possible.

Are there changes to Smoke alarm compliance checks?

Not to the checks themselves.
Annual compliance checks remain in place with no change to the $99 annual fee. What has changed is the provision of information to Renters, on or before the commencement of a rental agreement. The Renter must be provided with the following information:
  • how each smoke alarmin the premises works;
  • how to test each smoke alarm in the premises;
  • renter’s obligations not to tamper with any smoke alarms installed and to report if the smoke alarm is not working

We will be including this information as part of the Condition Report.

What exactly is involved is the Gas safety check?

Regulation 5 defines ‘gas safety check’ and applies if the premises contain any appliances, fixtures or fittings which use or supply gas.
The following gas installation checks are performed:
  • that LPG cylinders and associated gas components are installed correctly;
  • that appliance gas isolation valves are installed where required by AS/NZS 5601.1 Gas Installations, as published or as amended from time to time;
  • that gas appliances and their components are accessible for servicing and adjustment;
  • that the gas installation is electrically safe;
  • that clearances from appliances to combustible surfaces are in accordance with installation instructions and AS/NZS5601.1 Gas Installations, as published or as amended from time to time;
  • that there is adequate ventilation for appliances to operate safely;
  • that gas appliances including cookers are adequately restrained from tipping over;
  • checking the condition of gas appliance flue systems including chimneys;
  • checking gas appliances for evidence of certification;
  • testing gas installations for leakage;
Servicing gas appliances as follows:
  • clean all dust and debris from appliances including burner, pilot, fan, filters and air intakes;
  • check the integrity of the heat exchanger;
  • check gas supply and appliance operating pressures;
  • check gas appliance burner ignition is reliable and complete;
  • check for any gas appliance flame abnormality;
  • check operation of appliance including safety devices;
  • completing a combustion spillage test in accordance with Appendix F of AS 4575 Gas appliances - Servicing of Type A appliances as published or as amended from time to time, after servicing or repairing of the heater;

What exactly is involved is the Electrical safety check?

Regulation 5 defines ‘electrical safety check’ as a
...check of all electrical installations, fittings and fixtures carried out in accordance with section 4 of AS/NZS 3019 Electrical installations – Periodic verification, as published or amended from time to time.

Does the age of my property have any impact or change the gas and electrical safety checks?

Yes, it does.
For a newly built rental premise, it may not be necessary to conduct a separate gas and electrical safety check.
If an occupancy permit has been provided for the premises, supported by the appropriate compliance certificates, this will satisfy the requirement of the initial gas and electrical safety check. Meaning it will be conducted in 2 years from renters occupancy.
If a rental provider does not have the necessary certificates relating to their property, these can be obtained by contacting the Victorian Building Authority on 1300 815 127 or at https://www.vba.vic.gov.au/legal/foi.

Gas Safety Requirement
A lodged compliance certificate certifies that the work complies with prescribed plumbing standards. A compliance certificate endorsing a gas installation certifies the installation is in accordance with AS/NZS 5601.1.
This means that the compliance certificate issued for gas installations (which applies to all gas installations identified on the compliance certificate in the premises) will meet the requirements of a gas safety check for the purposes of the new rental laws.

Electrical safety requirement
A certificate of compliance within the meaning of section 3 of the Electricity Safety Act 1998 for electrical work will meet the requirement of an electrical safety check for the purposes of the new rental laws.