Megan Stuart

Megan Stuart

As the Principal of Mint Property Management Megan is a fully licensed real estate agent. Her passion for property management started with her experiences as a tenant and a property investor, leading to a major career shift from Corporate Marketing to property management.

From leadership roles to hands-on management of portfolios of 200+ properties, Megan offers extensive industry experience, striving to ensure every client's experience is exceptional and enjoyable.

Her trademark is her ability to work closely with all parties to build strong relationships and yield the best results. Megan believes that while process and structure are essential to good property management, the essence of her role is communication. Technology is great and can make such a difference to choosing how and when you receive information but it will never replace real conversations. For her international clients Skype and Whats App are the best of both worlds.

Flexibility, attention to detail and thorough understanding of legislation give her a knack for delivering outstanding results to landlords and tenants alike.

All with a smile.